Introducing TCC-EZ™: total contact casting made easy.

TCC-EZ™ offers the following benefits over other off-loading devices:

  • Ensures compliance 24 /7
  • Protects affected limb from additional trauma
  • Mesh allows for a customized form fit on every application
  • Provides intimate “total contact” with the forefoot, arch, heel, achilles tendon, and cone of lower leg (no “pistoning” effect as seen with diabetic walkers)
  • Leads to significantly improved outcomes (1)
  • Minimizes ground reactive pressures and shear stresses

Application of the TCC-EZ™ is simple and quick.

After standard cleansing & debridement and preparing the foot by applying a foam wound dressing, stockinette, felt protector, and protective sleeve (all included in the TCC-EZ™ system), applying the TCC-EZ™ is a 10-15 minute process.


Roll the TCC-EZ™ cast into a “doughnut” shape, and submerge into room temperature water for 5 seconds


Roll the TCC-EZ™ cast from the toes towards the widest point of the calf, smoothing out the cast as it is applied

3. SET

Allow the TCC-EZ™ cast time to set (7 – 10 minutes)

4. GO

Apply the TCC-EZ™ boot for added stability, and the patient is ready to leave

Although known as the “Gold Standard” for off-loading, total contact casting is underutilized

when a diabetic foot ulcer heals more quickly and without complications, quality of life improves.

So, why are so few DFUs managed with total contact casts?

  • Total Contact Casting systems have not been readily available, leading to inconsistency in utilization
  • Traditional Total Contact Casts are time consuming and require the application of several rolls
  • Traditional total contact casts are plaster based and take a very long time to set before the patient can ambulate. Ambulation before the cast is set can cause indentations in the cast, which may lead to complications including additional tissue injury.

However, TCC-EZ™ offers these significant benefits over traditional contact casts:

  • Comes in a complete, ready-to-go system with all accessories included
  • The application process is less than 1/4 the time required for the application of a traditional total contact cast
  • Setting time is dramatically shorter than that of a traditional contact cast, decreasing the potential for causing tissue injury
  • Application is simple and easy to learn, requiring little training time
  • Because it is a one-piece woven design, it is lightweight and cooler for the patient, enabling a custom fit

Total Contact Casts vs other off-loading modalities

“Use of a Total-Contact Cast (i.e., a non-removable cast) has been shown to be superior to standard therapy and other techniques for removing pressure.”

Boulton AJ, Kirsner R, Vileikyte L. Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcers. New England Journal of Medicine. 351:48-55. 2004.

Case Studies

Reimbursement Info:


Kindly consult your doctor or a KROMH representative to seek more details on reimbursement for TCC-EZ.

Ordering Info:

TCC23001TCC-EZ case of 10 casting system 3" no boot
TCC23002TCC-EZ casting system 3" single application
TCC24001TCC-EZ case of 10 casting systems 4" no boot
TCC24002TCC-EZ casting system 4" single application
TCC23001LBTCC-EZ case of 10 casting system 3" (with boot)
TCC24001LBTCC-EZ case of 10 casting system 4" (with boot)
TCC21100TCC-EZ regular boot
TCC21114TCC-EZ large boot
TCC21116 TCC-EZ charcot boot