ALGICELL® Ag’s winning combination stands above the competition


Win with the efficacy of 7-day, broad spectrum antimicrobial strength*

*ALGICELL® Ag Antimicrobial Effectiveness Study: Report No. MG120_000/S. May 24, 2007. Data on file.

ALGICELL® Ag, with 1.4% silver, provides superior bactericidal action that goes to work almost immediately. With its sophisticated ionic transfer technology, the dressing provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration, and protects the wound against bacterial colonization.

Win with absorption superior to that of the leading competitor**

**ALGICELL™ Ag Absorption Study. Report No. STS-A06-023. March 3, 2006. Data on file.

Absorption with an optimal gelling profile

  • ALGICELL® Ag, comprised of a proprietary blend of mannuronic (high gelling) and guluronic (high wet-strength alginic acids, is designed to gel well while keeping its physical integrity for intact removal
  • The dressing’s high absorption capacity also helps to reduce the risk of tissue maceration and allows for increased time between dressing changes
  • Unlike other products, ALGICELL® Ag does not leave any silver coated nylon thread residue in the wound upon removal of the dressing


ALGICELL® Ag’s optimal gelling profile:

Gels well
  • Minimizes fibrous residue

  • Maintains a moist environment, conducive to wound healing

Remains intact
  • Facilitates ease of removal

Dressings are magnified 600% after saturation with hypertonic saline solution.

Win with a lower overall cost of care

Because ALGICELL® Ag is highly cost effective, it can be used more often to help reduce the risk of infection in moderately to heavily exuding wounds that include:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers (venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers and leg ulcers of mixed etiology)
  • Pressure ulcers/sores (partial and full thickness)
  • Donor sites
  • Traumatic and surgical wounds

ALGICELL® Ag is not indicated for treatment of third degree burns, patients with a known sensitivity to alginates or silver, or control of heavy bleeding.


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