TCC-EZ – Casting System 4″ Single Application

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TCC-EZ Casting Systems by Derma Sciences

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The TCC-EZ Total Contact Cast System provides the healthcare provider with a primary dressing and the necessary components to apply a total contact cast. The TCC-EZ system includes instructional materials for application and removal.

System Contents- Available in sizes 3″ and 4″

1 Primary Dressing
1 Tan Stockinette
1 Tibial Crest/ Malleolar/Foot Pad 1 White Protective Sleeve
1 Cast Sock
1 roll Paper Tape
2 rolls Plastic Tape
1 sheet Physician Instructions/Cautions
1 sheet Patient Instructions with Removal Instructions 1 Outer Boot


Indications/Intended Use

The TCC-EZ Total Contact Cast System is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Non-infected neuropathic foot ulcers without involvement of deeper structures (tendon, joint capsule or exposed bone)
  • Post-operative care (i.e.: Charcot reconstruction, delayed primary closures)
  • Charcot Neuroarthropathy
  • Pre-ulcerativeconditions

The TCC-EZ is intended to be used in patients that are not infected and have adequate blood supply to the involved foot, in conjunction with standard wound care regimens.