Bioguard – Gauze Roll 4.5inX4.1yds 1 roll/pkg (100 roll)

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BIOGUARD Barrier Dressings by Derma Sciences

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BIOGUARD® Barrier dressings (large roll or sponge) consist of 100% cotton gauze tightly bound with a non-toxic, high molecular weight cationic polymer, Poly (Diallyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride), (p-DADMAC) at a concentration of 2 mg/sq. inch. The non-toxic, high molecular weight cationic polymer does not leach out of the dressing (under physiological conditions).

The dressings provide a barrier to bacterial contamination while also providing reductions of common pathogens (see table for full details) within the dressings.



Under the supervision of a healthcare professional, BIOGUARD® Barrier Dressings are intended for use as primary dressings for exuding wounds, first and second degree burns, and surgical wounds, as wound packing, and to secure and prevent movement of a primary dressing.


per box (100 packs), per 10 units