Business Philosophy and Values
KROMH believes innovation is the most important driver of business success by continuously bringing new solutions to our markets.
KROMH's minimum standards of the solutions provided shall be in tandem with compassion in satisfying the needs of its end users meaning the solutions need to strike a fine balance between value and costs.
KROMH is committed to contributing and shaping the future of healthcare in the region through its visionary solutions in areas of unmet needs.
Hence our core values of Innovation Compassion Future.
KROMH's philosophy is to leverage on a strong dedicated and professional team and its business associates for effective sales and marketing and achieving par excellence in representing the company's product portfolio to its end users.
KROMH believes that these values extends over its people, products, and processes and beyond.

Business Direction

KROMH's focus is in the area of critical care be it paediatric, cardiology or intensive care units in both the medical and surgical setting.

KROMH's current portfolio includes Advanced Wound Care, Patient Monitoring and Pressure Mattress. We are constantly looking for unique products to complement our current range.